The Auburn University Cultural Music Society will perform a free concert for A Little Lunch Music on October 8 from noon to 1 pm. The group’s members will perform traditional music from southern India, Ireland, Hawaii, and Persia as well as American styles including jazz, alternative rock, and others. The AU Guitar Ensemble will make an appearance. The concert is being sponsored by Ken Autrey and Janne Debes. The café menu is available online.

The Auburn University Cultural Music Society was founded in the spring of 2014 with the mission of bringing awareness to the Auburn community about the importance of cultural diversity through music. All cultures have some form of music, but each has a different perspective on the uses of music as well as the sounds produced by its instruments. Members are guided by the idea that music has a way of bringing people together and unifying them no matter what nationality or ideology they come from. The group tries to provide music events for students and community members to express their cultural differences while promoting an understanding of the similarities that all humanity share.

A musician himself, Patrick McCurry coordinates A Little Lunch Music and occasionally performs for it. He blogs about the arts in our community, and is online at

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