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Hopefully,  you will find all the information you are looking for and more as you scroll through this easily accessible site which provides a multifaceted look at all that our museum has to offer. We are delighted to share our significant collections, hint at our special exhibitions and entice you to participate in our many educational opportunities. As an integral part of Auburn University and the Auburn community we pride ourselves as having the distinctive location on South College Street of being an anchor of the cultural gateway to campus. Our museum’s mission reflects that of the university as our focus is on instruction, outreach and research. At JCSM we believe that Art Changes Lives and we work hard in every way to make that happen for our diverse audiences.

Marilyn Laufer, JCSM Director

We encourage you to visit often and expand your understanding of the visual arts, but equally important we hope to inspire you to join us and generously help us maintain our ability to make a difference on this campus and in this community. Your memberships and donations ensure that JCSM will continue to serve Auburn well into the future. We at the museum are grateful for your continued support and look forward to including you as part of the museum family.

If you have not yet visited JCSM, we hope you can do so in the very near future. If you have been one of our 34,000 annual visitors, we hope you had a wonderful experience and plan to come back soon. With our ever changing exhibitions, over 200 extraordinary programs a year, superb café and delightful gift shop, we pretty much have something for everyone. Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art offers a unique and exciting experience with its handsome architecture, beautiful walking paths and exceptional learning opportunities. All that is missing is YOU!

Marilyn Laufer, PhD, director