Exhibition Dates:

Nov. 11, 2017 to Feb. 4, 2018
Louise Hauss and David Brent Miller Audubon Galleries

The 1072 Society Exhibition will showcase work by 11 female artists whose careers span the late 19th century through today.

“Procuring and highlighting art by women has been a commitment of our staff for many years,” says Dennis Harper, curator of collections and exhibitions at the museum. “The pieces we have selected for the upcoming exhibition demonstrate a diverse spectrum of work, such as a dry point print by American impressionist Mary Cassatt, to contemporary artist Lesley Dill who works in large scale, mixed media. Each work stands on its own, but together the exhibition is quite interesting and beautiful.”

Now entering its 10th year, the 1072 Society is a group of museum members and friends who donate annually for the purpose of acquiring new art for JCSM’s permanent collection.

The number “1072” is significant to the museum as it commemorates a landmark in both the university’s history and American art history. Early shades of what would later be labeled “McCarthyism” halted an exhibition called Advancing American Art which featured a melting pot of American artists. The U.S. State Department assembled the collection in 1946 to tour Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America, but later closed the exhibition over public outcry and sold the paintings as war surplus in 1948. Alabama Polytechnic Institute purchased 36 pieces at that auction. With the 95 percent discount for tax-exempt institutions, the purchase totaled $1,072. The museum established the 1072 Society in 2008 to pay homage to what became the foundation of our collection and the impetus to build a museum.

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