Exhibition Dates:

September 13-November 2, 2014
Grand Gallery

Selected for exemplary aesthetics and craftsmanship, the ceramics presented in this exhibition represent 14 regional artists drawn from applicants across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Assembled by juror Christopher Staley, active ceramic artist and professor of ceramic art at Pennsylvania State University,
these competition highlights exemplify the standards of their medium through craft, creativity, content, and composition. In addition to the exhibition of a single work from each artist, all will participate in a weekend-long sale, October 31–November 2, in the newly renovated Susan Phillips Gardens.

This inaugural Alabama and Neighbors Ceramics Exhibition and Sale celebrates handmade, locally wrought works of art and the sense of community that is fostered through their creation and utilization. Featuring both functional vessels and sculptural forms fired in homes and studios throughout the South, often with locally sourced materials, these works are particularly relevant to this museum and this community because they are crafted by people with whom we share a regional experience.

Visitors and community members are invited to purchase tickets for a reception and preview sale on Friday, October 31 at which time the juror will assign awards for best in exhibition and outstanding bodies of work. A public sale will also be held November 1–2.

Congratulations to:

Harold Miller, “Rum Bar” for Best in Exhibition

Nancy Green for Outstanding Body of Work I

Guadalupe Robinson for Outstanding Body of Work II

Memory Box, 2010 Black stoneware 15"x9"x7"

Christopher Staley
Memory Box, 2010
Black stoneware

Christopher Staley artist and professor, Ceramic Art Penn State University

Christopher Staley
artist and professor, Ceramic Art
Penn State University