Allyson Comstock

Professor and Department Chair

Drawing, hand papermaking, and installation

Artist Statement

The drawing series Antarctica: Micro, Macro, and In-between serves to raise questions about how we view and understand the natural world and, in particular, Antarctica. Multiple perceptions of the Antarctic environment are presented to create an enlarged understanding of Antarctica.
A panoramic view presents the grandeur of the Antarctic landscape. A microscopic view, typically only seen by research scientists, presents Antarctica at its deepest level. The third view, the artist’s view, layers the macro and micro views onto a near view of the Antarctic landscape.
As these visual narratives are experienced, the importance of perceptions relative to what one knows, understands, and values in nature is discovered. The familiar broad landscape view and the scientists’ microscopic view are brought together by the artist’s view to create an understanding of the relational nature of the two. What happens at the smallest (microscopic) level in the Antarctic environment affects the big landscape view that is so well known and admired, and vice versa. The ultimate goal is to create a deeper appreciation of the Antarctic environment and of the natural world in general.

Macro, 2015, chalk pastel on cotton rag paper, 12 X 18 inches

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