Exhibition Dates:

August 31, 2013–January 4, 2014
Bill L. Harbert Gallery
Noel and Kathryn Dickinson Wadsworth Gallery

On the occasion of the museum’s 10th anniversary, we take this opportunity to celebrate proudly our permanent collection of art, in particular, its remarkable growth in the decade since opening the doors to its beautiful facility. Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art has benefitted enormously from the generosity of its patrons and members. The museum’s inauguration in 2003 featured significant works from JCSM’s collection that previously could be considered “homeless.” Since that time, the number and diversity of objects in the permanent collection have increased dramatically through direct gifts of art and purchases made possible by the financial support of our donors.

It is with great pleasure that we gather a broad selection of the distinctive art acquired by the museum between 2003 and today. Including works by Old Masters and Impressionists; artists of local and international renown; contemporary painters, photographers, potters, and sculptors; self-taught and academically trained—our collection continues to expand, enabling us each year to educate and more fully relate the story of art. The exhibition JCSM@10 serves not only to illustrate the coming of age of an important regional asset, it salutes the benevolent spirit of a caring community that gave it birth and nurtured JCSM to this milestone.