Jon Byler

3-D Studio Coordinator, Adjunct Instructor

Artist Statement

Through imagery lifted from common everyday objects, places, and situations, I try to subvert the complacency induced by our sound-bite culture. Embracing the contradictions in the world around me, I synthesize and re-contextualize the information that I soak up into objects that are on one level dazzling and fun, while at the same time creating situations that encourage and require contemplation. I am deeply interested in discarded artifacts of our industrialized existence and how we as humans interact with them, and through them, with each other.
Questions in my stories masquerade as punch lines and bad jokes, but the obvious answers often turn toward pathos through their gross inadequacy.

beacon #1, 2015, found objects, MDF, electric motor, brass, steel, acrylic paint, 25 X 18 X 72 inches

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