Lauren Alyssa Howard

Adjunct Instructor

Drawing, painting, and sculpture

Artist Statement

I am interested in the dichotomies of emotion associated with one’s relationship to home. Defensiveness and aggression, apathy and empathy, and the inevitability of either acceptance or resignation is portrayed in drawings and small sculptures. The work is rooted in an investigation around the feminine self and the inherent issues surrounding the stereotypical Southern domestic space. It is is a vehicle by which to express underlying aggressive feelings that are directly tied to my own feminine self, which is a direct aversion to my traditional upbringing. In my work, unlikely interactions between human and animal, religion, sex, and gender combine through subtle gestures and more overt content in my pursuit of love, loss, and the disorientation of self, as I continue to grapple with a contradictory inner emotional dialogue.

Naïve, 2015, mixed media, 11 X 11 X 4 ½ inches

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