Nicole Andreoni

Adjunct Instructor

Fundamentals and printmaking

Artist Statement

Intimacy requires dialogue, transparency, reciprocity, and self-disclosure. It is emotional, physical, and sexual. It speaks of desire and longing. It exists within relationships between people, within physical and formal spaces, and among artist, subject, material, and viewer. It is often connected with private utterances or actions and comes from a close or long association.
In my work, I seek to explore the intimacies of daily life and personal relationships. Images of women, body parts, and landscapes establish a sense of the familiar, while more abstract images create a sense of the unknown. The work strives to make the personal more accessible through shared experiences of love and desire, sexuality, vulnerability, beauty, the sacred, and the mundane.

The Relic, 2011, Intaglio, 5 X 6 (image)

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