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The first installment of JCSM’s #NOFRAME exhibition is on view with selections by our jurors: retired Auburn City Schools art teachers Monteigne Mathison and Betsy Logan, and Jessye McDowell, Assistant Professor of Art and Exhibitions and Lectures Coordinator, Auburn University Department of Art and Art History. Seven digitally produced artworks created by local teenagers were selected to be featured in #NOFRAME, a digital exhibition housed on the JCSM website.

On February 1, first and second place prizewinners were named from each age category: 6th and 7th grade, 8th and 9th grade, and 10th-12th grade. Additionally, a “Best in Show” title was awarded. Prizes for first and second place winners included various art supplies and a digital drawing tablet. The “Best in Show” winner received a Nikon D3200 digital SLR camera, generously donated by Cameragraphics Inc.

All #NOFRAME Submissions (click to view larger image)

Below are the #NOFRAME winners. Click the link above to learn more about the artists and view the #NOFRAME exhibition.

BEST IN SHOW: Hannah Wellbaum, Untitled
1st Place (6th and 7th): Catherine Jun, The Cookie Bear
2nd Place (6th and 7th): Jackson Welsh, Stick Man Fails
1st Place (8th and 9th): Lauren Dallas, Bird Nest
2nd Place (8th and 9th): Shaylen Robinson, Llama
1st Place (10th – 12th): Elizabeth Chenier, Untitled
2nd Place (10th – 12th): Anne Hays Wright, Untitled
Honorable Mentions:
Gabbie O’Donnell, Untitled
Gibeom Lee, Idea and Creativity

#NOFRAME is supported by a charitable gift from Cameragraphics Inc. through the JCSM Business Partner Program. For more information about JCSM’s K-12 education programs, contact Andrew Henley, andrew.henley@auburn.edu.

Interested in gifts to the JCSM and the Auburn University Foundation or in-kind support of exhibitions and other K-12 programs? Contact our development office by calling 334.844.1675.