Exhibition Dates:

May 12–August 11, 2012
Noel and Kathryn Dickinson Wadsworth Gallery and Chi Omega–Hargis Gallery

Artists depicted in Jerry Siegel’s Facing South number among the most significant painters, sculptors, printmakers, potters, and creative workers in other media that the South has produced or nurtured. Southern Artists / Southern Art? features a selection of work by a few of those extraordinary figures whom Siegel photographed. Cultural observers have often noted common distinguishing traits to be found in southern music, literature, and vernacular architecture, prompting the question whether a similar character is present among the visual arts of the South. This exhibition invites, “Y’all come,” to ponder that notion in a diverse assembly of work by southern artists, including Benny Andrews, Frank Fleming, Dale Kennington, R.A. Miller, and Art Rosenbaum.