Taylor Robenalt

Adjunct Instructor


Artist Statement

My new body of work features clusters of animals and flowers constructed out of porcelain with glaze, gold luster, and underglaze applications. With each piece created in the series, the flower clusters become more abundant and ornate, and the animals seem to multiply as if the work itself is alive and fertile. The overall black-and-white color scheme and the pops of color in the pieces are all important to the work. These color motifs attempt to express all the emotions that I personally face on a daily basis. The coloring of the entire body of work is a comment on how life can become so rigid in the midst of the fluidity of growth, death, and rebirth. The bright colors of the flowers illustrate the blossoming of life and offer a contrast to the rigidity of everyday responsibility. The final touches of gold luster offer an overall sense of purity to the body of work and allude to the strong sense of achievement and pride that comes with positively facing life on a day-to-day basis. I view the work as a metaphor for how life is always transforming itself—constantly bringing forth a new chapter of unforeseen existence.

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