Exhibition Dates:

May 29, 2015-June 7, 2015
Louise Hauss and David Brent Miller Audubon Galleries

For information about this year’s Teen Takeover, click here

On the night of May 28th and into the morning of the 29th, JCSM galleries will be occupied with youth. That right, it’s our first overnight lock-in at the museum!

What will they do? Who knows!

Seriously, we have no idea what the creative teenagers of Auburn will come up with. They’ll have access to a wide range of supplies, and 12 hours to make an exhibition—overnight.

The exhibition will stay up from May 29th through June 7th, so come by and see what the teens hath wrought.

The “Teen Takeover” program and exhibition is supported in part by a charitable gift from J&M Bookstore, Inc. through the JCSM Business Partner program. Additional program support from Pizza Schmizza. 

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