Though our professional staff members are always willing to answer your questions, our limited staff size and work schedules do not always allow for drop-in visits. Therefore, we ask that you make an appointment by email or telephone. You can access departmental contact information online or ask at the front desk for the business card of the staff member with which you would like to meet.

Below are some responses to common scenarios and frequent inquiries that may answer your question.

I want to exhibit my work or have an exhibition of my collection.

The museum’s exhibitions are organized to teach the history of art and visual culture. Our schedule is planned at least three years in advance. Decisions about future exhibitions are made by curatorial staff with their recommendations accepted by the Exhibition Committee of the Advisory Board. Again, we recommend contacting the curator or director by email and attach pertinent digital images when possible.

I want to know what my artwork is worth.

JCSM staff cannot provide appraisals of your artwork’s monetary value. We can offer historical and artistic context for works that you own. This should be done by appointment, which can be facilitated by e-mail, including photographs of the works. The museum can provide a general list of qualified appraisers in the region for your convenience, but we are not able to make specific recommendations.

I need to have my artwork repaired.

JCSM does not offer conservation services, but we can provide you a list of specialists from which to choose. Again we are not able to recommend specific conservators.

I want to see a specific work of art in the collection but it is not on view.

Because JCSM holds the permanent collection in public trust we will take every opportunity to provide researchers and interested visitors access to works of art not currently on view, but this must be done as a pre-arranged appointment. Please remember that some works of art may not be available due to outgoing loans, conservation concerns, or other considerations. Special access is not guaranteed, and is at the discretion of the curatorial staff.

What if I want to work or volunteer at the museum?

All full-time JCSM employment opportunities within the university, when available, are listed online.

Volunteer candidates should make an appointment to speak with our education curators. We have a spectacular volunteer docents group that, once recruited, goes through a yearlong training process. Upcoming calls for new docents will be announced on our website and in JCSM’s members’ magazine, JULE. Sometimes we need volunteers for special events, or to help in the gift shop. Again, getting in touch directly with a staff member will provide you with answers.

How is the museum governed?

JCSM is an academic unit of Auburn University. The Museum Director reports directly to the Office of the Provost. The museum has an Advisory Board, appointed by the President of the university, that helps raise funds and offers practical guidance to the Museum Director. All fiduciary responsibilities for JCSM are maintained by Auburn University and the Board of Trustees.

What if I want to have a private party at JCSM?

All special event rentals are handled by the special events coordinator. After hours, certain museum spaces can be rented for private use. Spaces available include the auditorium, gardens, café, the Carlisle Lobby, Grand Gallery, Terrace, or combination of all of these areas. Questions regarding rental pricing and availability should be directed to the special events coordinator, preferably by appointment. Please see our facility rental page for more information.