Animals are popular subjects in art. Throughout our galleries, you’ll find cats, both big and small, along with different representations of birds.

Use the clues to make your way through our exhibitions. Good luck!

  • 1. There are two posters featuring a quote from a former president on them in "Underground Images: A Half-Century of SVA Subway Posters Created by Women."

  • 2. Despite their reputation as harbingers of misfortune in the U.S., black cats are actually a sign of good luck in other parts of the world. In Japan, if you are a single woman, they are said to increase your number of suitors. British sailors often kept black cats on board as they were thought to bring good luck and ensure a safe return home.

    Find a poster for a nightclub featuring a very famous black cat.

  • 3. Did you know, despite what you may have seen in popular culture, most cats are lactose intolerant!

    Find a poster depicting three cats waiting patiently for a sip of milk.

  • 4. Cats hold a special place in Japanese culture. During the Edo Period (1603-1868, artists often depicted them in the popular format of woodblock prints. Samurai-turned-artist Chikanobu Yoshu was no exception.

  • 5. This yellow and black bird is the state bird of Maryland and shares its name with a Major League Baseball team.

  • 6. This bird is the smallest in our exhibition and its nests can be as small as a thimble with eggs roughly the size of a jelly bean.
  • Congratulations!

    Once you've completed the indoor scavenger hunt, head outside for more encounters with art.

    If you've completed both games, please use the remaining time to explore the galleries and grounds. The museum closes at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, with the last admission one hour before close.