Programming for June is related to our current summer exhibition Between the Black and Caspian Seas: Antique Rugs from the Caucasus, Selections from the Collection of Larry Gerber.

The kids area, found right outside the grand gallery includes a station to practice their very own weaving! Use the scraps of t-shirts for the big loom (it’s easier), and the smaller pieces of yarn for the warp threads that are closer together (it’s a little harder).

Below we have a step by step picture tutorial of how to get started!

Step 1:

Tighten the weaving. Be sure to use the beater towards you rather than pulling the yarn horizontally (this prevents your weaving from swooping in in the middle).

Step 2:

Make two rows of weft (which can be found in the image above). Weave the thread over and under each warp (the vertical threads).

Step 3:

Keep threading the weft in an over and under pattern.

Step 4:

Pull the weft all the way through, make sure to complete two rows! Once your wefts are done, it’s time to choose your colors! Be creative and make whatever pattern you want!

Step 5:

We chose to do a symmetrical knot, which is used extensively in Turkey and Transcaucasia (Example B found above). First, place the piece of t-shirt or yarn over and around two of the vertical threads (warps). Next, wrap both ends under and through the two warps, looping towards yourself.

Step 5 (Cont.):

Here is the same step as the photo above, but from a different angle.

Step 6:

Tighten the knot you made around the warps. Continue to place your knots. Once the row is complete, repeat steps 1-6! You can add to what others have made already, and someone else will add to what you’ve made!

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