Two girls in Iranian school uniforms stand in front of a school with yellow bricks.

M.A. Past & Future

I painted my sister and myself standing in front of our school in Iran because school is very important for me since it can determine my future. I only came the US for one year and will be returning to Iran soon, so this school is my past and my future.

There are many differences between schools in Iran and here. My school was smaller than Auburn High School. In my country, students also respect their teachers more than students do here. Because in our culture, showing respect is very important. When I first came to the US, I was amazed that students usually don’t have so much homework. In Iran, I usually studied for 5-6 hours each day. Iranian students have to study and work harder for school because grades are so important. We also have 14 subjects each year. However, I think that when you don’t have so many things to do for school, you have more free time to do or learn new things that you like, and it’s better.

Another difference is that between every class in Iran, we have about 15 minutes of break time, but we don’t have lunch, so schools finish by 2 o’clock. Students wear uniforms for schools and we can’t choose what to wear. I think that it is good that students can choose what to wear at Auburn High School. In Iran, there are some rules that are against many students’ beliefs. For example, girls must wear hijab and all students must join the mandatory Islamic prayer. I don’t like many of the rules because I think things like prayer should be a personal choice, and these rules are a kind of imposition of beliefs.

This year is a good experience for me to learn new things, and I met new people. I’m happy that I had the chance to study in the US in high school and to try new things. I will go back to Iran this summer. I’m happy that I will go back to my home and see my family and friends again, but I will miss AHS and my friends here.

Two girls in Iranian school uniforms stand in front of a school with yellow bricks.

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