JCSM has something for every crafty kid!

Rainy afternoon, or just too hot to be outside?  Keep the kids engaged while minimizing screen time with KIDZAW art kits!  Your little artists can put their own creative touch on a famous masterpiece.  The JCSM shop has three types of art kits to choose from:  Master Kitz,  Master Sculpz, and Art On-the-Go

The Master Kitz contains important information about the artist and the masterpiece, along with everything needed to complete the picture – all in a handy reusable box.  Each Master Kitz will discuss one technique and the artist who created the memorable masterpiece: Starry Night, Waterlilies, Sunflowers, The Great Wave, to name a few.

For the sculptor in training, try Master Sculpz kit.  This is the perfect kit for the “builder”: over 70 pieces can be combined in hundreds of  ways using an easy locking system; the reusable pouch can be used to store the pieces for the next sculpture.

Looking for something to do in a small space -car or airplane?  Try the Art On-the-Go kit.  This kit comes complete with clipboard, sturdy carrying case, and art supplies to make 8 different projects inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Henry Matisse, and more.

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