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The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University, in service to the region and the nation, welcomes everyone to explore, experience and engage with the visual arts.

A cultural heart of an Alabama public research institution, The Jule is guided by core values that serve its communities.

Collaborations + Partnerships

Recognizing the synergistic power of relationships to ignite new opportunities, the museum believes in working together with faculty, students, community and others to achieve common goals.

Engagement + Learning

Understanding that experiential encounters can inspire and catalyze connections and creativity, the museum believes in inviting all to actively engage as participants and co-learners on-site, online and beyond.

Inquiry + Experimentation

Grounded in art-historical, multi-disciplinary, object-based research as essential work of a university, the museum believes in innovation, agility and the freedom to try new things, continually exploring, learning, adapting and evaluating.

Stewardship + Growth

Caring for the building, grounds, collections, staff and stakeholders, the museum believes in conserving, developing and enhancing all aspects of its operations, including fiscal and programmatic  to ensure a responsible expansive, healthy and flourishing organization.