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About the Collection

The university art collection includes objects spanning from the 16th to the 21st centuries purposefully acquired by the Museum to advance learning and enrich lives through the collection, preservation, exhibition, and engagement of and with the visual arts. Through the collection, The Jule promotes research, the preservation of our global cultural heritage and the ongoing education of Auburn students and faculty as well as the residents of the state of Alabama, the region, and the nation.

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Collection strengths include 19th-century Audubon prints; ceramics and pottery; 18th to 21st centuries European and American art; nearly one-third of the noteworthy and groundbreaking Advancing American Art collection that reflects American Modernism, and a substantial holding of works from artists in, around and with ties to Alabama and the Southern United States. While art of almost any genre and origin is of enormous value to The Jule’s mission, the intent as we grow the collection is to focus on a rounded representation and exploration of voices and interpretations in the southeastern United States, while also seeking to draw parallels to national and international communities.

To support collecting and conservation efforts, learn about the TenSeventyTwo Campaign for acquisitions.

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