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Lifelong arts appreciation begins here.

PreK-12 students and educators come to The Jule annually for guided tours and museum workshops. We welcome visits up to a maximum number of 45. Larger groups will be divided into smaller sections of 10-15 students. Each section requires at least one chaperone from the school.

All PreK-12 group tours and admission to the museum are free.

At The Jule, PreK-12 students learn to observe closely, working with original works of art. Museum educators work with PreK-12 teachers to align school visits with grade-level standards. In addition to museum trips, The Jule helps PreK-12 instructors develop strategies to deepen engagements before and after museum visits in their classrooms.
A visit to the museum will connect questions and observations back to methods of close-looking and object-based inquiry—different learning types. As PreK-12 students grow over their engagement with the museum, educators help them to produce questions that can be answered through direct observation of and engagement with an object; develop the skills of visual literacy, object-based research (using art objects as a primary source), and critical thinking; and build on the process of close looking to include secondary sources that further explain an artist’s process, history, and socio-political context.

PreK-12 teachers should contact Christy Barlow, PreK-12 / Family Programs Manager about strategies to deepen engagements, including hands-on workshops and student activities.

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A group of children with their parents sit on the floor of a gallery while coloring on paper.

Creative Cubs

The Museum welcomes younger audiences each month with the Creative Cubs series programmed for learners ages three to five. Cubs engage in a museum exhibition through storytelling and a hands-on activity. All Creative Cubs sessions are free and open to the public.

Space is limited. Reserve a spot for the monthly Creative Cubs session on the museum calendar today!