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The Jule Museum Podcast – Episode 17: Monuments

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Conversation with Jesús Tirado, Assistant Professor of Social Science Education, Elijah Gaddis, Associate Professor of History, Kristen Tordella-Williams, Associate Professor of Art, and Rose McLarney, Associate Professor of English at Auburn University, who discuss their class assignments about monuments in America, produced in response to the exhibition “Monuments and Myths: The America of Sculptors Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Daniel Chester French” on view at The Jule.

The Jule Museum Podcast – Episode 15: Migratory Roots

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Kevin Brisco Jr. talks about his exhibition “Migratory Roots” an exhibition in the series “Radical Naturalism” at The Jule, on view January 24 through August 7, 2023.

Considering homophones roots and routes, “Kevin Brisco: Migratory Roots” explores shared movements, journeys over time and the network that exists among all living things.…-migratory-roots/

Lavender Suarez mix for “Invisible Thread”

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Lavender Suarez mixtape for “Invisible Thread” at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, 2023.

This mixtape was created in February, 2023 by sound healing practitioner, artist, and educator Lavender Suarez as an alternative audio guide for the exhibition “Invisible Thread.” Musicians on the mix include Sun Ra (an Alabama-born artist), Terry Riley, and Alice Coltrane with songs that explore themes of transcendence, meditation, and spiritual connectedness that are also reflected in the exhibition.

Learn more about Lavender Suarez’s critically acclaimed book “Transcendent Waves: How Listening Shapes Our Creative Lives” (2020), about how tuning in to one’s listening skills can foster creativity and connection, on her website:

Terry Riley – Rainbow in Curved Air (excerpt)
Laraaji – I Am Sky
Alice Coltrane – Turiya
Azar Lawrence – Bridge into the New Age
Sun Ra & His Arkestra – Door of the Cosmos
Joy Harjo – Remember
Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn – Sally in the Garden Medley (excerpt)
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Movement 6
Harold Budd – The Room of Ancillary Dreams
Penelope Trappes – Burn On
Low – Majesty/Magic

The Jule Museum Podcast – Episode 12: Smell of Risk

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Hsuan L. Hsu, Professor of English at UC Davis, in conversation with artist Manon Bellet, alongside Bellet’s exhibition “A Swallow Does Not Make a Summer” part of the “Radical Naturalism” series at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University, on view August 23 through December 30, 2022:…ism-manon-bellet/

DJ Jihaari mix for The Jule

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DJ Jihaari mixtape for the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, December 2022

Walk though the museum and listen to this mix, it is designed to go alongside the exhibitions on view in December, 2022 at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University.

Start in the Radical Naturalism exhibition with Donny Hathaway “Someday We’ll All Be Free” – D’Angelo “Real Love” – Ramp “I Just Love you” …

Then start listening to the Kinsey Collection with Eugene McDaniels “Freedom Death Dance” through to the track by Sly and the Family Stone “You can Make it if You Try” …

Then listen to the RaMell Ross exhibition starting with J Dilla “Glazed/Give Peace a Chance” alongside the sculpture “Propinquiry; Horizon of the Thing Witnessed” and work your way to the large sculpture “Return to Origin” for the last song by Earth Wind And Fire.

The Jule Museum Podcast – Episode 11: Research and Innovation

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Gamaliel Rodríguez talks about his artwork installed as part of the opening of Auburn’s Research and Innovation Campus in Huntsville, Alabama. Opened in October, 2022, the facility features a temporary installation of objects from the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University. Gamaliel Rodríguez, a U.S. Army veteran who uses felt and ballpoint pens to create photorealistic aerial views of industrial, military and civilian structures, is the first commissioned artist in this cross-campus partnership between the museum and Auburn’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.…grand-opening.php

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