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Though our professional staff members are always willing to answer your questions, our limited staff size and work schedules do not always allow for drop-in visits. Therefore, we ask that you make an appointment by email or telephone. You can access departmental contact information online or ask at the front desk for the business card of the staff member with which you would like to meet.

Below are some responses to common scenarios and frequent inquiries that may answer your question.

Am I able to exhibit my work at the museum or have an exhibition of my collection?

The museum’s exhibitions are scheduled years in advance, and tie to specific themes, alignment with university strategies, and other criteria. Please contact the curator by email for questions or further information

Can the museum provide a valuation of my art?

JCSM staff cannot provide appraisals of your artwork’s monetary value. We can offer, however, a list of qualified appraisers, though we are not able to make specific recommendations.

Can the museum repair or conserve my art?

JCSM does not offer conservation services. We can provide, however, a list of qualified conservators, though we are not able to make specific recommendations.

May I see a piece of art not currently on view?

Because JCSM stewards the university collection in public trust, we will take every opportunity to provide researchers and other interested parties access to works of art not currently on view. Please contact the curator for an appointment. Though access is not guaranteed, we will do all we can to accommodate your request.

How do I work or volunteer at the museum?

Employment opportunities at the museum, when available, are listed online. Volunteer candidates should contact Education, Engagement and Learning staff for opportunities.

How is the museum governed?

JCSM is an academic unit of Auburn University and reports to the Office of the Provost. The university’s Board of Trustees holds fiduciary responsibility for the museum.