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Art is Pride: A Look At the Lives of Maud Hunt Squire and Ethel Mars

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Maud Hunt Squire: Illustrator, Painter, Printmaker The daughter of a musician, Maud Hunt Squire was born in Ohio in 1873. She was second in her class at the Art Academy…
A Black man plays guitar while a Black woman sews.

Collection Spotlight: Robert Gwathmey

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September is National Sewing Month, so our collection spotlight shines on "Singing and Mending" by Robert Gwathmey. The artist, a white male, depicted rural life in the South in order…
A detail of a group walking in the woods from a color lithograph.

Collection Spotlight: Faith Ringgold

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To contrast the color lithographs on view in our exhibition of French posters, we're highlighting lithographs from the museum collection in August for our collection spotlight. This vibrant work-on-paper is…
A woman sitting on a stoop gestures in this black and white photograph.

Collection Spotlight: Lisette Model

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Can a photograph capture a personality? Lisette Model’s "Lower East Side (woman), New York"  is on her stoop in mid-sentence, gesturing to the passersby below. Model found inspiration on the…
A construction worker sits on unfinished stairs.

Collection Spotlight: Chad States

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In June 2020, our collection spotlight explores permanent collection photography. As June is Pride Month, our first selection is a work by American photographer Chad States. What do you first…
A ruby-throated hummingbird approaches a cluster of blossoms, with other hummingbirds trapped in the blooms.

Collection Spotlight: Walton Ford

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Things are not as they seem in the charming print, "Limed Blossoms." Contemporary artist Walton Ford pays homage to John James Audubon’s artistic style, but he also makes a critical…
A young girl leans out of a window, looking sad.

Collection Spotlight: Marion Greenwood

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Marion Greenwood, a social realist artist who worked in various mediums, is best known for her murals and work in Mexico. Ever breaking barriers, she was the first woman to…
Warm light and shadows move across a book, opened to a picture of a heron.

Collection Spotlight: Jane E. Goldman

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Observe the passing months and seasons in the work of Jane E. Goldman. Cut flowers in glass vases and native plants frame each setting of her intricate prints. Patterned shadows…
A melon baller and bottle opener posed as people; a glove with two fingers walking

Collection Spotlight: Janet Nolan

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Everything from squashed aluminum cans to plastic packaging finds its way into the work of Janet Nolan (B.V.A., 1968). As a young girl in Montgomery, Alabama she absorbed the aesthetic…
Installation of Apollo the Healer

Collection Spotlight: Nancy Grossman

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Nancy Grossman, a New York City native, created this life-size etching, "Apollo the Healer," in 1995. The Olympian god is associated with medicine and healing, and in this piece, the…