Artist Statement

“The majority of my sculpture is concept driven and is often highly viewer interactive. The conceptual component of my work is often derived from some memory that was stirred by the shape of some found object or from some memento that I have held on to since childhood. These things bring up thoughts and experiences that challenge me and guide me through the creative process. There are elements in much of my large works that are derived from my love of fantasy, escapism, and pop-culture imagery.

My sculpture does range in size drastically from minuscule to monumental. The interactive component of my work often involves the viewer’s participation in becoming part of the work. Some of my sculptures only require viewers to watch as they see themselves reflected atop a difficult and imposing staircase—which could represent the challenges we face in order to achieve our goals (as in my sculpture, The Ball and the Red Staircase).

In whatever way my viewer chooses to engage my work, or in whatever material I desire to work in, I find that it is not always necessary that the viewer understand my concept, but it is important to me that I provide a visually exciting experience that might encourage the viewer to see and engage with art more often.”  Adam Walls, Hope Mills, North Carolina

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