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Horseshoe-shaped sculpture made from artificial human hair and steel

1. Joni Younkins-Herzog, Delirium

2. Mike Wsol, Lost Horizon #2

3. Charles Pilkey, Tree of Good and Evil

A water feature sculpture of two men in bunny suits

4. Alex Podesta, Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Bathers)

5. Hanna Jubran, Triad

6. Adam Walls, Core 3

7. Deborah La Grasse, Union

A house-like sculpture made of firewood, picnic table, desk, tricycle, paint, and steel pipe

8. Heath Matysek-Snyder, Komíny-NBS Explore

9. Gregory Johnson, Centrum

An outdoor sculpture with painted curves

10. Luke Achterberg, Fettle

11. Jeffie Brewer, Bunny