Artist Statement

“These new contemporary works, which were started many years ago, are built upon the concepts of traditional works—specifically, the classical qualities of the artwork and the detailed attention to surfaces and form. The modern works are my step in a new direction—works that suggest the pathways of life, the forces of nature, or emotions of our humanity. These works depict or suggest things that we see and are familiar with but cannot necessarily touch or quantify, like the warmth of sunlight or the crashing of a wave.

For the modern works, my starting point is the circle. As a thematic symbol, it reaches out to me with a cleanliness of shape, present in our everyday lives, and because it has no corners— just one beautiful line with no beginning, middle, or end. The circle is an incredible spiritual shape that invites interpretation. I use the entire circle, whole and complete, and contrast it with segments of the circle or shapes that have arcs in them.

I am currently working with maquettes and studies that feature both mirror and brushed finishes in the same work. For future works, I’m looking into adding color and colorful transparencies to be used as a fourth dimension, pulling and pushing shapes in space, visually altering their actual preset positions.”  Gregory Johnson, Cumming, Georgia

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